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14 Jul


Added by : Vuyokazi Ntlonga

This year at GMSAF we started Barriers to learning Program. We are conducting a workshop for teachers and parents. I am doing school visits to those schools that we are working with. The purpose of classroom visits is to observe the teachers doing their lessons with their learners in small group teaching. It is important to observe how teachers implement what they have learned from the workshops.

I am always pleased to see teachers using the strategies taught in our workshops. For example, teachers are now allowing children to learn basic concepts first in 3 dimensional (using their bodies) and then in 2-dimensional practices and only then by giving children worksheets

What is exciting about this program is that there are teachers that have been started filling in the SNA forms for the learners that need referrals. Some of the schools did not have the existing School Based Support Team (SBST), but because of we are doing this program in their schools the principals realise that they need to have a School Base Support Team.

At School A, the foundation phase teacher did fill in the SNA Forms. She did referrals for the learners that have special needs. She referred them to our local hospital and the other learners are waiting for their appointments.

The learners that have the parents that are attending our parent workshops are improving in their school work. A teacher at School B showed me one of the learner’s books that his parent is attending our workshop. That learner’s colouring skills have improved so much over the past few weeks. She was so happy to see that learner improving on his work. At School C, the teacher told me that now that she knows what to do, learning from the workshop. She will start the process of filling in the SNA forms for referrals.

At School D, it was wonderful to see that the teacher has a beautiful print rich, neat, organised classroom. She is implementing all the ideas that she has learnt from the workshops. She has a learning box full of apparatus that she is using when doing lessons in her small group teaching. When she was doing her lesson with the learners. She started to teach learners to experience the lesson with their bodies. Afterwards, she allowed learners opportunities to learn using toys (2-dimensional) and only then gave them worksheets to complete.

I am pleased to say that the Barriers to Learning program is making a difference to teachers, parents and their children. I am proud of this program.

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