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21 Apr

Masikhulisane Reading Programme – Foundation Phase

Added by : Glenda Ohlson

Approximately 60% of South African children
are not able to read for meaning
in any language by the end of Grade 3.

The most important skill that any teacher can impart to her learners is the ability to read.

Reading is a prerequisite to progress successfully through the education system, it promotes confidence, boots self-esteem, and it provides access to new information and knowledge that will help in life-long learning.

We at the GMSA Foundation have embarked on piloting the Masikhulisane reading programme in selected schools with the aim of empowering Foundation Phase teachers with the necessary skills (methodologies and strategies) required to implement a sound reading programme in their classes. Teachers will be guided and supported with weekly and daily lesson plans that are CAPS aligned as well as with the development of effective assessment tools for reading.

The ability to read is central to the ability to learn hence the Masikhulisane Reading Programme vision: That all learners will become fluent readers who read to learn, and read for enjoyment and enrichment

Foundation Phase teachers participating in this programme are required to attend 10 workshop sessions and are expected to implement knowledge gained from the workshops in their classroom. Team member from the GMSAF will undertake classroom observation beginning in term 2 in order to offer support and guidance where necessary.

Baseline assessments will done with a selection of learners from participating schools at the start of the second term. Further assessments will be administered later in the year, so as to track and monitor learner progress.

We have a total of 42 teachers from 20 schools participating in the programme. The response from teachers is very positive. Workshops are presented in a welcoming environment where teachers are made to feel relaxed and are encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards teaching learners to read effectively.

It is our hope that at the end of this programme we would have equipped teachers with valuable skills and knowledge that will enable them to raise the overall level of reading.

It is always heart warming when at the end of a workshop you receive positive responses from teachers: "Thank you for sharing this knowledge with us, it makes thing more easy now.” "Now we know what to do.” "I will definitely try this lesson in my class.”

"To read is to empower
To empower is to write
To write is to influence
To influence is to change
To change is to live.”

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