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05 May

Parents are their child’s first teacher

Added by : Ntomboxolo Skenjana

A key purpose of the GM South Africa Foundation’s Barriers to Learning programme is to work with parents and to build their capacity so that they are able to:

In our Barriers to Learning programme we are working with parents as well as teachers. Parents need to accept the responsibility that they are their child’s first teacher. When you remember that children spend about 7 000 hours at home and only some 1200 hours at school, you can understand which teacher should be the most accountable.

We started with Advocacy session held on the 13th March at 15h00 with 38 parents. They were all impressed to be part of our programme. The need for parents to be involved in their children’s education was explained using a PowerPoint presentation. In this presentation, motivational talks and exercises were used to get maximum involvement of parents. The presentation was taught in all languages and that made the participants more comfortable. When expectations were read, participants understood that their involvement is critical.

Participating parents are required to:

One of our goals is to help parents to become a resource for the school by assisting the teacher with small groups of learners with barriers to learning.

When the session was over, the decision lied with them to commit themselves for the future of their children. The revelation that children spend more time with them than at school and that the best teacher to a child is a parent was an eye opener to many of the participants.

Our first workshop is on the 24th April 2017 on Basic concepts. Basic concepts consist of colours, shapes, numbers and sizes. These concepts develop in a natural sequence and they must be followed in order for the child to master a skill. Parents will be shown ways of teaching their children to recognize, identify, and name COLOURS, SHAPES, NUMBERS AND SIZES.

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