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30 Jun

The GMSAF Annual Review 2016

Added by : Marinda Oosthuizen

Condensing a year’s work into a 40-page document will always be a challenge. But the size of that challenge increases significantly when an organisation generates as many stories of collaboration, progress, hope and celebration as the GM South Africa Foundation does.

From the outset, I wanted to showcase the Foundation’s impact on the communities it serves. So, in addition to reporting on the business of the organisation, I asked for ‘golden moment’ stories – stories of people and schools that have benefitted from the Foundation’s programmes. The stories streamed in and I realised once again that, in the act of giving, the lives of both giver and recipient are enriched.

You’ll read about children enjoying Science days – and teachers equipped and excited to use technology in their lessons. About parents empowered to contribute to their children’s academic success and about volunteer community facilitators trained by the Foundation, now training others.

There are stories of social cohesion at the Foundation-initiated housing projects, of partnerships with private companies to improve the lives of young children who don’t have good eyesight, and of Siyawela (the independent training agency established by the Foundation) delivering programmes in partnership with external funders.

The Foundation’s housing and education initiatives are truly excellent and innovative…but let’s also remember that it takes a team of called, dedicated people to deliver the outcomes captured in the 2016 Annual Review.

I salute each and every person whose hard work made it easy to fill the pages of this document … even if it was a challenge to capture it all in 40 pages.

GMSAF Annual Review 2016

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