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- 14 July 2017

This year at GMSAF we started Barriers to learning Program. We are conducting a workshop for teachers and parents. I am doing school visits to those schools that we are working with. The purpose of classroom visits is to observe the teachers doing their lessons with their learners in small group teaching.

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Dynamic Development Models: A new recipe for CSI.

The Delta Foundation was established by the then Delta Motor Corporation in 1994 as an independent development agency and became the GM South Africa Foundation in 2005. Since inception, the Foundation has pioneered a unique approach to corporate social investment - Corporate Social Action. CSA involves the management of innovative pilot projects and the making use of lessons learnt in order to produce new developmental models. These models - which are really sets of implementation guidelines - are structured so that they can be replicated throughout South Africa and can also be used to assist various authorities in the formulation of practical developmental policies and approaches. CSA therefore differs radically from the conventional corporate social investment (CSI) approach where grant finance is allocated to a specific project or agency and which generally has a far more limited impact.

The development of models requires the following rigorous and re-iterative five step process:

Conceptualization:  The identification of a key national socio-economic issue as well as an innovative and creative potential solution.

Piloting:The implementation of a pilot project within Nelson Mandela Bay,being the area from which GM South Africa draws its workforce. A project coordinator commissioned by the GM South Africa Foundation leads a project team consisting of specialists plus private and public sector stakeholders.

External Evaluation:  Apart from ongoing internal evaluation, a stringent external evaluation of the pilot project is undertaken by anoutside agency in order to identify shortcomings in the pilot project's objectives and outcomes.

Adaptation:  Revisions are made to the project in terms of the external evaluation, which often requires re-piloting of the project.

Model Development:  The compilation of documentation on all the lessons learnt for use in encouraging replication throughout South Africa.

The various models have been rolled out in different ways and in different orders of magnitude to date, with the GM South Africa Foundation ranking successful replication on a 3-tier scale:

1st Prize:  When the model (or parts of the model) has resulted in a change to government policy or has influenced the practices and systems supporting official policies. By becoming entrenched in the public sector, future replication on the largest possible scale is assured.

2nd Prize:  When the model (or its components) has influenced conventional thinking and has contributed to shifting national paradigms.

3rd Prize:  When the model (or aspects of it) is utilized by government or by non-governmental agencies which invest financial and human resources in replication.

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