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- 14 July 2017

This year at GMSAF we started Barriers to learning Program. We are conducting a workshop for teachers and parents. I am doing school visits to those schools that we are working with. The purpose of classroom visits is to observe the teachers doing their lessons with their learners in small group teaching.

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GM South Africa FoundationLearning Schools: Evaluation and Development

Learning Schools Primary Schools

In 2005 the GM South Africa Foundation selected four Port Elizabeth Primary Schools to participate in the Learning Schools Initiative: BJ Mnyanda Primary, Fontein Primary School, Stephen Mazangula Primary School and Cedarberg Primary School. These four schools became the piloting sites for the development of the refinement of the Learning Schools Initiative's whole school evaluation and development process as started in two high schools in 2003. The Foundation worked with these four schools over a period of 4 years to explore how best to determine their needs and following this how best to meet these needs. A number of critical instruments and processes emerged during this phase of the initiative. These included:

During 2010 & 2011, rather than taking new schools on board the Foundation focussed on strengthening and promoting the initiative and its programmes particularly the Building Solid Foundations and Personal & Professional Leadership Development Programmes. In addition to this a partnership was formed with the Ariel Solutions Onsight Company so as to develop the whole school evaluation instrument into a webhosted programme that can assist schools and officials with school improvement planning and monitoring.

In 2012 a decision was made to further extend the Foundation's whole school development model through launching the Learning Schools Initiative with seven primary schools. These schools were selected on the basis of their performance in the Building Solid Foundations initiative. These schools are: Daniels Primary, Fumikusomo Primary, Garrett Primary, Gelvandale Primary, Joe Slovo Primary, Missionvale Primary and Seyisi Primary. The experiences of the Learning Schools Initiative 2003 to 2009 were also documented in a booklet: Changing Schools in Challenging Contexts: the documentation of a South African School Development Journey.

In 2012 in its work with the seven new schools the project team focussed on:

In 2013 through the formation of a partnership with the Old Mutual Foundation, the GM South Africa Foundation was able to include another five schools (3 Primary and 2 High School in this initiative). Nkuthalo Primary, Strelizia Primary and Zanoxolo Primary were selected to join the existing seven schools to round the current number of primary schools participating in the initiative off to ten. During 2013 the Learning Schools Initiative will be refined at primary school level and key aspects of the initiative will be documented and made available for use by others working in the field of school improvement. The Initiative will through its work with the High schools also begin to explore areas unique to working at a secondary school level.

Through the partnership with Old Mutual the model will be further strengthened with the objective of extending it to more schools in 2014 and beyond.

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